Guest Author @IyanaJenna talks Inspiration and How Long Will I love You - @EvernightPub
First of all, I’d like to thank you for having me on your blog. It means a lot to me. I would like to share with you and your readers my main inspirations of this story.

One day, my dear friend Louis Stevens posted a video of a singer Gavin DeGraw on his Facebook account. It was lovely and I loved the singer’s song. Well, one of my favorite singers is Ed Sheeran and I told Louis it would be a dream come true if Ed sings together with Gavin. A moment later, voila! Louis posted a video of them both singing together! Long story short, How Long Will I Love You was born. The title of this story was from a song but it was another story altogether and it wasn’t sung by any of the men.

By the way, here is the video of Gavin and Ed performing together on stage. I totally fell in love with them. I got completely inspired. My story isn’t in any way a real story about them, though. Heh. I wish! :D

Now if you watch the video until the end, it was their hug that completely melted my heart. *sighs*

by Iyana Jenna
Published by Evernight Publishing
Genre: M/M Contemporary Romance
Length: 26,950 Words
Heat Rating: 3

It might look weird for a musician to *fangirl* another musician, but Ed Finley didn’t give a damn. He adored and had a crush on singer and pianist, Gavin O’Malley—to the point of sticking O’Malley’s pin-ups all over the walls of his room. Ed thought his dream had come true when he was scheduled to perform together with his idol on stage.
Gavin O’Malley thought Ed was okay when they ended up being together that night. The night meant everything to Ed, while it was only another one-night stand for Gavin.
Ed decides to stay away while Gavin, after rejecting Ed, couldn’t stop thinking about the other man. Will Gavin get a chance to tell Ed his true feelings?

As soon as he got to L.A., Ed realized the mistake he’d made. Everything reminded him of Gavin, especially the invites to small jam sessions and dinners with fellow artists. He’d tried to avoid them all, but Nina, his assistant, kept reminding him not to miss those occasions.
“Don’t you see that I’m a human being, too? I’m tired, okay?”
Instead of answering, Nina squinted at him before she thrust an envelope at him.
“What’s that?” Suspicion crept into his heart.
“A live awards ceremony. Music awards. Next week.”
“Oh.” He took the invitation and looked at the card. It was a national show and it was going to be aired live on a major channel. It was a big deal. He glanced back at Nina. “Am I a nominee or something?” That was impossible. He’d have found out right away if he was nominated in a category. “Or am I going to present an award? How did you get this invitation?” Nina knew very well this wasn’t his type of thing.
She chuckled softly. The traitor.
“Relax. I didn’t have to kiss someone’s ass or get down on my knees for this. You’re an online phenomenon, Ed. They knew they’d get more publicity if they had you at their show.”
Ed wasn’t particularly afraid of what Nina would do if she wanted something, though he did worry about her sometimes. She’d do anything to get the things she wanted. But this was going to be a huge event with hundreds of celebrities. It was harmless. Safe. Even if Ed saw him there, he could easily slip away and hide. He sighed.
“All right. I’ll go.”
“Yay. I’ll RSVP.”
Ed rolled his eyes as he turned his back on a delighted Nina, who was already on the phone.
The invitation ruined the plan he’d made. Without Nina’s knowledge, he’d made a reservation to rent a cabin on a vineyard resort he often went to in Northern California. He needed fresh air and a place to clear his head. He’d thought being in L.A. would help, but the feeling that he could run into Gavin in any corner of the city kept haunting him. The shame—Ed could not get rid of it. He was lucky Gavin hadn’t talked to a tabloid about how Ed Finley literally threw himself at him and thought he had a chance to be Gavin O’Malley’s boyfriend.
A week or so on the vineyard would do him good. Too bad Ed had to postpone it now. He took a shuddering breath and cooked up another plan. The minute he left the award show, he would be on his way to escape to Moonshine Valley.
Nina walked ahead of Ed on the red carpet. He smiled inwardly at the sight of her—a diminutive figure, yet looking confident and ready to take any action Ed needed her to. Tonight she was lit up in her small, bright red dress with her golden hair tied up into a small chignon. She was pretty, Ed would give her that. He wouldn’t mind having her as his girlfriend if he liked girls. As it was, Ed didn’t mind taking her as his date tonight, though she might have minded if he’d insisted on going in his shirt and jeans.
Ed jerked his head up. “Yeah?” He had been unaware of zoning out for a second there.
Nina gestured at him impatiently, so he headed toward her. She was standing near the velvet railing with a man on the other side of it who had a microphone in his hand.
“Hi,” greeted Ed. “How’re you doing?”
“Can you believe it? Louis Montague from the blog Louis’ Notes, himself! He wants to talk to you, Ed.” Nina sounded too chirpy for his liking, and his eyes narrowed in suspicion because the girl knew him well. He turned back to the man and offered his hand. Louis accepted and shook it hard.
“Ed Finley. It’s so great to finally see you.”
“Hi, Louis. Glad to see you too. I hope you like my songs.”
“Like your songs? I love them. They’re brilliant, man.”
“Come on.” Ed felt positively embarrassed. After all this time, he still couldn’t believe people actually listened to his work. He looked around and cursed silently when he found that Nina had disappeared.
“I’m serious. They’re emotional and fans really relate to them. I can’t stop listening to them. What’s coming up next from you?”
“Um.” Ed scratched his head, then promptly removed his wandering fingers. He’d spent more time than was necessary trying to tame his red curls, and he knew Nina would scold him for ruining them. “I write songs every night or between shows. I can’t stop the ideas from coming into my head. They keep bugging me until I write them down.”
“Sounds so easy for you.”
“Oh no, not at all. They’re raw ideas and thoughts. Mostly I still have to find the right tune for them, not to mention the lyrics and the music arrangements. Half of the raw ideas I have had have ended up in the garbage bin. Only half became full songs and just one or two of them get to be produced.” Ed thought he heard Louis mutter something. “Excuse me?”
Louis shook his head. “Nah. Just—if I tried to write songs, they would all get dumped.”
Ed snickered. “You don’t know that. You should try writing someday if you get an interesting idea.”
“I’d rather listen to yours, thanks.” Louis smiled widely. “So are you going to present an award tonight?”
“No. I’ll just sit tight and sweet in the audience. My pretty Nina did a good job finding me a place in there. She—” Ed waved sideways and stopped short. He gaped and his breathing became erratic. He hadn’t expected anyone to be standing next to him, to be so close to him, like…like…
“Hi, Ed.”
Like Gavin.

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Author Bio:
Iyana writes M/M short stories and novellas. Her works have been published by Evernight Publishing, JMS Books, Books to Go Now, Torquere Press, Bitten Press, Leap of Faith Publishing, Breathless Press, and Alfie Dog Fiction.
Iyana lives in Jakarta, a city famous for its traffic jams, a lot of cars and motorcycles, and people selling stuff on the roads. You can spend two hours on the road going to a place you can reach in half an hour in a normal situation. Thanks to the traffic jams, though, Iyana can come up with a lot of stories, mostly shorties, as she prefers to spend the time during her trips writing into her cell phone rather than sleeping.
Another thing Iyana loves is kitties. Right now she has three of them. Their names are Cil, Horus, and Betsy, and one kitten. When she doesn’t write, she plays with them, or they would play with her when she writes.

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More Deleted Scenes, Future-takes & Free Reads from The Russian Guns Series
The last week has been super hectic and worrisome for me. My youngest--just a week over two months old now--spent six nights, seven days in the hospital. His older brothers brought home a cold, as all kids do, and the next thing we knew, the baby had it, too. It's almost scary how fast a baby can get sick and how quickly it progresses from just a little cough to them turning red and gasping for breath.

Nevertheless, the littlest one is home and good again.

While he was there, though, I finally got the chance to sit down and put the finishing touches on two more free reads for The Russian Guns. One is a deleted scene that needed some polishing, the other is a future-take of a scene that's sure to break some hearts--or many.

I only have two future-takes left to write--Snapshots and Stir Crazy. Then, I have the free novella Demyan & Ana. That will be the prequel to Demyan's story Shattered.

Do enjoy. The links below will take you directly to your choice of format to download for your devices.


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Too Young (Future Outtake) MOBI

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Blog Tour: Love Undercover by @NanaPrah #TopTen #Review

Love Undercover by +Nana Prah 
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction (Sweet, Multicultural)
Publisher: Black Opal Books


The last thing she expects is to fall in love with a prison guard…

Hotshot Secret Service Agent, Sarita Cerez is thrown into a medium security prison—for work. Her job is to protect the daughter of the president of South Korea. She never envisioned making friends with illegal immigrants or falling head over heels for one of the guards. Now the
clandestine activity, which is integral to protecting her charge, may destroy her only chance at love.

He's never fraternized with the inmates—until he met her…

Matthew Carter always plays by the rules, which includes maintaining a strictly professional relationship with the
inmates in his charge. But when Sarita saunters onto the unit, all bets are off. Her status as a deportee with a permanent ticket to Columbia means they can never be together, but try as he might, this doesn’t stop him from risking his career for her.

He's a man who values honesty above all else, and she lies for a living. Can two people from such different worlds find any common ground?

As they walked down the first flight of stairs, Sarita’s breath caught when she glanced at him. She missed her footing and would have gone head-over-ass down the steps if he hadn’t grabbed her.

The heat emanating from Matt’s body seeped into her. “Thanks. You saved me from a nasty fall.”

“You are so beautiful, Sarita.” His whispered words feathered over her cheek.

She moved forward as his lips came down on hers in a crushing kiss. The impact brought tears to her eyes and a whimper to her throat. He eased the pressure. She took the light pecks as his apology.

She desired his passion over such teasing gentleness. Her hand moved to the back of his head and held him against her mouth, opening for him as his tongue thrust in. She hung onto him for fear of
tumbling down the stairs.

Swinging her around, he lifted her onto the railing, wrapping her legs around him. His hardness met the juncture of her thighs. The need to feel more of him suffused her. She rocked her hips and squeezed him closer when he moaned.

The sound of whistling broke through the haze. She eased her feet to the steps and they continued down the stairs as if she hadn’t been about to rip off his shirt.

She held onto the railing so her wobbly legs wouldn’t slide out from under her. She chanced a glance up and saw the camera. How could she have forgotten where they were?

He looked back at the space they’d just vacated and raised an eyebrow. “Blind spot,” he whispered. “Didn’t you know?”

Top Ten Facts

Top 10 real life experiences in Love Undercover
One thing that many people don’t know is that Love Undercover is a romance based on an experience I had. Not the romance part, but the jail aspect. Without further delay I’d like to present 10 things that happen in Love Undercover that actually happened to me.

1.       My first cellmate was awesome. We would laugh all the freaking time. We had similar personalities and loved to have fun. She was a bisexual, but didn’t fancy me. I’m a heterosexual, but I was like why not? Still laughing about that.
2.       I butchered my eyebrows by attempting to shape them with thread. It was hilarious- even to me
3.       I was strip searched after having a visit (It was not fun in the least)
4.       There were some hot guards in that prison. But unfortunately I had no romantic liaisons with any of them (damn).
5.       Many of the detainees stories in the book are true. I’ve dramatized them just a tad.
6.       Most of what happened to one of the characters in the novel is what I went through, only I’ve never had a boob job (darn it).
7.       Sarita and I had the same second cellmate, only there was no fight in real life. The devil part is true, though- very scary.
8.       The library was awesome. No covert operations for me, even though it does happen in the system.
9.       We baked a cake. To this day I still find it weird, but it’s true.
10.   To the best of my knowledge there was no blind spot at the prison I was detained at. That came from my imagination so I could get some intimate scenes in there for Sarita and Matt.

So there you have it. If you have any questions on what else is true in Love Undercover once you read it, just contact me and I’ll let you know.

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Amazon / Smashwords / Barnes and Noble
ARe / Kobo

Bethany Kris's Review of Love Undercover

Five out of five stars

When Sarita Cerez gets placed in a medium security prison undercover to protect the daughter of the president of South Korea, the last thing she expects is to find herself with budding feelings for a certain prison guard. Matthew Carter is a man who plays by the rules in every way. Professionalism is his middle name. So, when he gets caught up in having an emotional attachment to an off-limits inmate, he knows he’s in trouble and now his career is on the line. In a place like prison, can love exist?

We’ve been hearing a lot about immigration lately. It’s everywhere right now. And sure, there are valid arguments for each side of the equation, but Ms. Prah has brought an entirely new side to light for me. The people, those who get sent back. Some of which are entirely innocent of wrong doing but for the fact they followed their parents over from their home country when they were too young to know better. Frankly, I think anyone who picked up Love Undercover would benefit just from giving it a good read and taking in that side of the story. I certainly needed it.

There was so much more going on in this book than just the “possible” prison romance plot on the surface, and I really enjoyed that. The author brought in characters outside of the main hero and heroine that really made me as a reader stop and take notice of them. They made me empathize and feel for them.

I think it has to be a very delicate balance for an author to start taking focus from a love interest in a romance and place it on secondary characters. Which was kind of how this novel seamlessly transferred back and forth between a chicklit style and a romance novel. Nana Prah managed this exceptionally well in a way that didn’t take from the main story or couple. It kept me wondering what would happen to these characters in the end because the author made me care for them.

Not an easy feat, I tell you.

Once you add in Matt and Sarita to the entire mix, I thought the story was golden. Ms. Prah was careful to toe the line of what would and would not be acceptable between a prison guard and his inmate. Matt is, by far, one of the most interesting and likeable heroes I’ve read in a while and he does this quite easily. In fact, he’s so liked by those around him that even some of his buddies who were also guards were willing to risk the wrath of trouble by helping their friend in some ways.
The story wasn’t overly romantic in a sappy way, but it didn’t need to be to get the point across. I think had the pages been filled with ridiculous purple prose or a hero waxing poetic, or even hot smexin’, I don’t believe the story would have felt quite as authentic as it did for me.

All in all, Love Undercover was a great, fast-paced read. It was enjoyable and interesting; rephrasing by way of its differences. A five-star read all the way. 

About the author
Nana Prah is a multi-published author of contemporary, multicultural romance. Her books are sweet with a touch of spice. When she’s not writing she’s reading, indulging in chocolate, and enjoying life with friends and family.

Contact details
Twitter: @NanaPrah
Facebook: Nana Prah, Author
Goodreads: Nana Prah
Google +:  Nana Prah   

Nana is giving away a $44 Amazon or Smashwords Gift Card

Spotlight on Saving Sam by @NikkaMichaels #Paranormal #GLBT @EvernightPub
Saving Sam

By Nikka Michaels

Genre: M/M, Paranormal Romance

Line: Romance on the Go

Series: Purgatory, Inc.

Release Date: January 9, 2015

Publisher: Evernight Publishing


When Ezekiel the Watcher Angel, requested a promotion he wasn’t expecting Steve, his boss and Higher Power to command him to bring back Azazel, Death’s assistant. Throw in the devil in a blue dress, a looming deadie apocalypse and a partner in an Archangel named Sam and Zeke might just earn his Guardian wings.



I looked up from my clipboard and froze. Standing in front of me, radiating divine power, was an older man with long white hair pulled back into a ponytail. He wore board shorts, a T-shirt, and flip-flops, and reading glasses hung from a chain draped around his neck. With a smile on his friendly face, he didn’t look like the higher power hundreds of religions called Heavenly Father, but more like a kindly hippie grandfather.

I pushed to my feet and promptly tripped over the length of my wings. In my most mortifying moment, God caught my arm and saved me from a face-plant onto the ugly industrial carpet. “Oh, God. Shit. Jesus.”

He chuckled and brushed me off. “Don’t worry. Not the first time I’ve heard My name. You should hear this place around Valentine’s Day.”

I blinked.

“As for Jesus? My Son works in accounting. You should introduce yourself sometime and bring them donuts. Nothing excites accounting like free sugar.”

“Yes, sir.”

He flinched at my words, and I closed my eyes, sending up a silent prayer. To where, I had no clue, as The Man was standing in front of me. At this rate he no doubt planned to bust my ass down to angelic lawn statue.

“Whoa there, partner. We’re pretty informal around here. Can I call you Zeke?”

I nodded. “Yes, sir.”

The Supreme Being smiled and patted me on the back, and I swallowed hard.

“I mean, yes, sir, God, sir.”

The man snorted. “Just call me Steve.” He gave me a once-over, and I wondered if my khakis and polo shirt were workplace appropriate. “Walk with me, Zeke. Oh, and unfurl the wings a little. You’re harshing my spiritual buzz.” Without another word he turned and took off down a hallway, the sounds of his flip-flops echoing.

I hurried to catch up, cursing my clumsiness.

“As you can see, there isn’t a formal dress code while in the office. Most of the staff favor business casual so they don’t have to change before golf in the afternoon. There’s a coffeemaker in the break room. Just don’t leave empty creamer containers in the fridge without replacing them. The last guy who did that lost his head. Literally.”

“Sorry?” I squeaked.

“Oh, don’t worry. We found it again, but the Archs get cranky when they don’t get their caffeine. How many times do I have to tell them to leave the swords at home when they’re not out in the field?”


“Yep, don’t mind them too much. They’re usually more bark than bite.”

As we walked down the hallway, I caught glimpses of beings seated at desks in cubicles. Some were speaking into headsets, some drinking coffee, and one was tossing pencils at the ceiling. It seemed just like every other office I’d ever seen on Earth. Except for the wings.

“This is the Heavenly side of the pod, by the way. Through that door over there is our counterpart. Some of the staff call them the baddies, but they’re not all bad. Except Cerebus keeps peeing on my rug. Damned dog.” He stopped in front of an office and gestured for me to enter.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I opened the door. I stopped short with surprise, and Steve bumped into me.

Slumped on a chair in front of a large desk was a huge male of obvious celestial rank. His inky black wings fluttered, then folded, blending in with his leather jacket and black jeans. His dirty biker boots, which he’d propped on the desk, were encrusted with dirt and blood, and I swallowed down a wave of fear.

When he met my gaze, something I’d never felt before flooded my system: lust. Or disgust… possibly a mixture of the two.


The man grinned at me, a flash of white teeth against his darkly handsome features.

“Oh, this is going to be good.” He purred in a low growly voice. “Fresh meat.”



Nikka Michaels lives in the Pacific Northwest where she spends her time cooking up romantic tales to satisfy her craving for HEAs with heat. A voracious reader, novice knitter and music lover she’s been known to multitask without breaking a sweat. She loves to read and write M/M romance but believes everyone deserves a love story.



Teaser - Filthy Marcellos: Giovanni (Filthy Marcellos Trilogy)
Time for another teaser from the Filthy Marcellos Trilogy. Lucian's book is just days away. Getting excited yet? I sure am. Here's a piece from the second book. Is how you would want to meet your in-laws for the first time?




It wasn’t long before Kim was traveling down an escalator, twenty or more bodies of other flyers blocking her view of the spot below. Stepping off the moving stairwell, she took two steps forward and stopped.
Leather shoes, navy slacks, and a dress shirt rolled up to the elbows caught her attention instantly. A jacket was tossed over the man’s arm, his other held up so he could read the piece of white paper in his hand. Despite his dressy attire, his stance was casual and unbothered.
How could Kim not recognize the man standing in front of her?
Antony Marcello had been the most enigmatic and noticeable presence in the church and plaza the day of his oldest son’s wedding. He was the first man her father pointed out to her so she would know who he was. They hadn’t been introduced that day, as Kim focused her attention in Gio’s direction, but she knew the man on sight.
Not that Kim could forget a face, but Antony’s features held the familiarity of his son, too. It was immediately comforting and she didn’t even know him, not really.
Antony glanced up from the paper in his hand, his eyes meeting Kim’s only a few feet away. An easy, slow smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Hello, Kimberlynn.”
Kim blinked, surprised to hear her name coming from him. “You know me?”
“Of you,” Antony corrected gently. “Though I’m sure we’ll have the chance to get to know one another a lot better over the next little while. I only recognize you because I pulled up some public information last night when I couldn’t sleep. Just to be safe, I figured I should be able to pick your face out of a crowd. I’m glad I did. Gio made the choice I thought he would.”
“Sending me, you mean.”
“For one.” Antony waved the paper in his hand. “Amber is an interesting middle name. Where does it come from?”
How did he know that?
“My grandmother from my mother’s side.”
“Not Italian, I take it.”
“No, but my grandfather was,” Kim answered. “As is my father.”
“I’m aware,” Antony intoned dully.
Kim couldn’t contain her snort of amusement. Antony’s dislike of Nunz was as clear as day. Gio had warned her ahead of time his father wouldn’t be pleasant on any topic that referred to Nunz Abella.
“What’s funny, Kimberlynn?”
“Kim. I prefer Kim.”
“Good. I thought Kimberlynn was a bit …”
“Stuffy?” Kim asked, filling in the blank she’d always known.
Antony chuckled. “Exactly.”
“Gio warned me about your distain for my father. That’s what I was laughing about.”
“Giovanni was correct. You don’t seem too offended, though. Sadly, I’m not surprised.”
“I haven’t liked my father for a long time,” Kim replied.
“Well, we have one thing in common already."

Pre-order the first book in the Filthy Marcello Trilogy: Lucian
Pre-order available on Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | iTunes
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